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When Life Dishes out Disappointment

by “Taking It Off” Expert Christine Hassler I recently gathered with three of my best most amazing girlfriends for a dinner meeting to discuss a project we’re collaborating on. Soon we realized there was a fifth guest at our table: disappointment. Our business agenda was scraped as we realized our plates were already full of [...]




How To Deal With Stress

by “Taking It Off” Expert Christine Hassler Stress is something that plagues most of us in some way or another. Learning how to manage stress is hot topic especially during your twenties when there can be quite a lot of transitions and unknowns. To me, stress is not something to “manage” since managing stress implies [...]



Obligation is the Worst Form of Motivation

by “Taking It Off” Expert Christine Hassler Are you should’ing all over yourself? Do many of the sentences that make up your inner dialogue or conversations begin with the word “I should?” If so, you may find yourself exhausted, depleted, confused, angry/irritable, depressed or all of the above! Why? Because obligation is the WORST form [...]



Let's Be Honest... Are you Happy with Your Relationship "Status?"

Facebook’s status updates can be stressful! “Single,” “in a relationship… with-,” “Engaged,” “Married,” “It’s Complicated”… How about “is it really any of your business?” or “Fabulously Single,” or “In Love with Me… He’s Just a Bonus.” Whatever it is, are you happy and content no matter what your relationship status is? Or are you suffering [...]