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Chips Alternative: Eat Seaweed... Quickie in the Kitchen

Seaweed (yes the stuff that sushi rolls are wrapped in) is a fab, low calorie, crunchy, salty, alternative to chips. Plus it’s just fun to crunch on late at night. More than fun and tasty, it is loaded with lecithin which is great for connective tissue maintenance- which helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.



Healthy (cold) Nachos


I LOVE snacks. Which is why I created this low fat, crunchy, rich, spicy nacho-ish snack that satisfies my cravings without adding weight to my ass. It’s made up of a few of my favorite things: Knudsen Cottage Cheese, Pace Picante Sauce, and Pop Chips. More than a filling (not fattening) snack, the calcium in the cottage cheese and hot peppers in the salsa are known natural fat-burners: Bites with Benefits! Love that ;)