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Abs, Boobs, and A**: 3 Quickies a Day Will Keep the Fat Away

The moment you bound out of bed in the morning (maybe a touch of an exaggeration), you’re already harried, hurrying around, trying to fulfill all of your day’s demands. Believe me, we’re all “too busy” to find time to work out… which is why you have to make time to work out. If that is [...]



Stiletto Quickie: Bounce and Circle... Your Daily 100

If you want to tone your arms, you’ve got to work them. That doesn’t mean you need weights or even have to get down on your knees and do push-ups (which I prefer to avoid at any cost). This seemingly easy, slow burning, seriously toning daily 100 will shape your shoulders, giving you that sexy definition you’ve been looking for without the bodybuilder bulk. It’s a Kundalini Yoga move that, yes, burns, but is so amazing!



Look Sexy Naked: Quickie Workout in Bed

It’s not just about how you look or having a “perfect” body, it’s about how you feel… your confidence. Looking sexy naked is also about feeling sexy naked. If you want to improve both, workout!… in bed. Try this quickie workout in bed by yourself, to tone the soft spots that are most highlighted when having fun with with another in bed.