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Coffee: Run Faster & Reduce Post-Exercise Pain (and burn more fat)

I am a coffee drinker. It’s not that I neeeeed it per se. I don’t have a headache if I skip it despite the fact that I have been a devotee for 15 years- I know, weird. In fact, I really don’t even notice a difference in my energy level if I don’t drink it. Yet every morning, unless there are seriously extenuating circumstances, coffee starts my day. Why? Because I love the stuff. I crave it. I do. Another fact: I workout 30 minutes after my last am cup almost every morning. And, according to a recent Australian study, that’s a good thing! Here’s why…



Soaks & Scrubs that Slim

Bath products and scrubs that contain caffeine or algae actually help reduce puffiness and, over the long run may minimize the appearance of cellulite! Just make sure you are soaking in all-natural green suds, salts, and powders. Remember: your skin is actually an extremely porous organ, ingesting anything that touches it- chemicals and all. You wouldn’t suck on chemical stick would you? So why would you soak in them?