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12 Ways To Beat The Bulge

You could go on a dramatic weight loss plan, with a strict, unvaried diet and time-consuming workout plan. And for some people, that is necessary. But if you’re just trying to fight off a little bulge that seems to be creeping up and over your belt, try these easy 12 steps to combat your daily bulge-building habits. You’re closer than you think to buttoning up your pants again without grunting, jumping up and down or laying flat on the floor.



Quickie in the Kitchen: Egg Butter on Rice Bread

This egg butter is insanely easy to make (basically just room temp butter, chopped hard-boiled egg, salt, white pepper), and it adds so much flavor while making the butter much lower in fat. It’s a tasty topping for pretty much anything. Ooh, you have got to try it on grilled asparagus too! So tasty…