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Dating? Be a Standout Without Being Obnoxious or Needy (even if "your"Guy is THE BACHELOR)


The DO’s and DON’Ts to stay in his mind (even if he’s “The Bachelor” and dating 25 other girls): DON’T: Complain About the “Other Girls“- Kiss Of Death. DON’T: Complain about being exclusive. DON’T: Complain About The Date Choice. Be Open to adventure and trying something different.DON’T: Be Passive-Aggressive. DO: If You Have an Issue, [...]



Do You Have The Goods to Get "The Bachelor" 1st Impression Rose?


Would You Get a First Impression Rose? What is it that makes a certain person instantly stand out? Several things actually. Watch the video to see the sand out strategy that scored the first impression rose over the last few seasons, plus 10 ways that you can make that rose-worthy first impression too: 1. Slight [...]





7 Reasons to Kiss- More, Longer, Deeper


More than a serious turn-on that can fire up a chick’s libido and get her ready…, kissing is also good for your health! Boost Your Immune System Yes, kissing can help you fight off colds and flu. By exchanging bacteria back and forth, you are actually enhancing your body’s natural defenses and boosting your immune [...]