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5 Ways to Cut the Salt and Stop Being So Puffy

When used correctly, salt elevates the flavor of food, making dull nuances pop and bringing otherwise bland dishes to life. The problem is, when used incorrectly and excessively the body responds by becoming visibly puffy, bloated, swollen, like you gained 5 pounds overnight. Long-term, salt has been linked to high blood pressure- the leading cause of cardiovascular disease.



7 Ways Women Can Be Healthy For Men

78 percent of married men, or those in a serious relationship, say that that their significant other is a big influence in their decision to go to the doctor. Here are some ways to motivate your man to look out for his health more, without feeling like a total nag:



Blood Sugar Regulating/ Diabetes Prevention

180 million. That’s the number or people in the world with diabetes, and the number grows each year. If you have hypoglycemia or any other pre-diabetic condition, there are luckily foods that can help reverse your body’s progression towards the disease.