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How to Cheat the Bloat Factor


Similar to what people advise when it comes to how to prevent a hangover (not drinking) or how to prevent pregnancy (not having sex)… the best bloat prevention is not partaking in the puff-making foods, drinks, and practices in the first place! Right… But sometimes you simply “can’t help yourself.” And sometimes you actually can’t- [...]



Relationship Tips for Smart Chicks: Break Ups, First Dates, and Wedding Bells.

Big date, beach day, “awesome” reunion where your ex-BF will be?… You make it a point to cut your calories in hopes of shaving off a few pounds from your hips. Heart-wrenching breakup? Those cartons of ice cream suddenly become your best friend- screw the thighs! Hot and heavy dating can lead to sexy and [...]



Why Every Chick Needs to Have an "Ick" Outfit

You know when you’re so bloated that your jeans don’t fit, your stomach is pregnant-puffy, your skin is covered with pimples and spots? AND you have a big date. Don’t sausage squeeze into your “date jeans” or “sexy dress.” They aren’t so sexy when you are pouring out of them. Believe me. That’s why you [...]



Budget meets Luxe = the perfect date (or girls' night) outfit!

Last night it was chilly but not frigid in LA and somehow the lack of drizzle and needlessness for a coat inspired me! Despite that fact that I have been a touch of a hermit lately due to feeling totally behind with work (I think thanks to the fact that my book just hit Amazon [...]