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Sexy Abs Daily100: Standing Bicycle Crunches


Want sexy abs without doing sit-ups? As a slight germaphobe myself, getting on the ground (especially at a hotel or a public place) and crunching is just not even worth it… regardless of how fab my abs will be after! Instead, get up and get those stomach muscles moving. By going across your body- bicycle [...]




Look Like You Lost 5lbs Overnight w/These Belly De-Puffing Foods to Eat & Avoid

Since it is literally impossible to drop poundage on a day’s notice, yet you still want to look as if you’ve “lost weight,” your best bet is to go for a decrease in circumference… through water loss. Here are foods that can help do the trick. Um… make sure you choose organic- it’s even better [...]



Cellulite? So What! Like Scarlett Johansson, You can STILL be SERIOUSLY SEXY!

I’m not posting this to make fun of Scarlett… I’m posting it to show you and everyone else that you’re not the only one. That, cellulite or not, you can still have a rockin’ body and over the top sex appeal! Fact is that 85% of women- both fat and thin, have cellulite! Another little-known [...]