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1 Superfood 5 Ways: Avocado

contributed by Bess Devenow- “Counterculture” Expert While once considered by some a “forbidden fruit”, avocados are one of the biggest nutritional powerhouses, packing more potassium than two bananas and containing about 25 essential nutrients (Iron, Vitamins A, B, C, E and K to name a few) and who can forget the healthy fats? While undeniably, [...]



When “Potential” Becomes A Four-Letter Word

contributed by Bess Devenow- “Counterculture” Expert A wise woman once told me (and proceeded to keep telling me when I ignored her countless times) that I should never confuse potential and present reality. More specifically, she meant that when we reach a certain stage in our dating where we are ready to do the work [...]



What Nora Ephron Taught Us About Dating...

contributed by Bess Devenow- “Counterculture” Expert 1) Online dating is going to radically change the playing field within the next decade (as popularized in 1998′s You’ve Got Mail) 2) If someone as neurotic as Sally Albright can find true love, there’s a man out there that appreciates your strangest quirks (When Harry Met Sally) 3) [...]



Decoding your Date based on his Dessert

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Cru Key Lime Pie

Cru Key Lime Pie

contributed by Bess Devenow- “Counterculture” Expert Over the years I’ve been told time and time again that I have a really random and strange talent: the ability to analyze men by their favorite desserts. All it takes is a 2 word dessert name text from a girlfriend and I’m off and running, producing a pretty [...]