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7 Restaurant Realities That Will Shock You

You’re a good customer. You don’t complain much. You give a generous tip. You wipe the salsa off the menu that you spilled all over before handing it back to your server. You’d think you deserve the same courtesy in return, right? Well, a business is a business. And there are a few restaurant realities you need to know…



Healthy Bar Food- Sriracha Spiced Almonds: Hot and Spicy Quickie in the Kitchen

Almonds are not just tasty, they are a healthy fat, filled with nutrients, fiber, and protein. These sriracha-spiced almonds have even more benefits thanks to the hot spice that naturally heats ups the metabolism, burning more calories and fat faster. Plus they are great to have around the house, in your purse, or your desk drawer at work as a healthy and quick snack. Better yet, eat them hot out of the oven when the spice is at it’s peak and serve them as nibbles at your next get together