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Budget meets Luxe = the perfect date (or girls' night) outfit!

Last night it was chilly but not frigid in LA and somehow the lack of drizzle and needlessness for a coat inspired me! Despite that fact that I have been a touch of a hermit lately due to feeling totally behind with work (I think thanks to the fact that my book just hit Amazon [...]




10 Things You Must Keep in Your Purse (and probably don't)

Life is full of little unexpected annoyances. Little things that in the blink of an eye or the turn of a head actually end up ruining your whole day, or your date, or your business meeting. If only you had made a note of every little fiasco that had happened in your life so you could plan to avoid it. It’s ok. I did. Just kidding. But I think I got most of them covered with these items you’re going to FOREVER keep in your purse now, right?…