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Fat-Burning, Mood-Boosting, Acne-Ridding, Anti-Aging!!! YES, Grapefruit Obsessed


Grapefruit isn’t just a tangy citrus served best with breakfast. More than a pucker-provoking fruit, the grapefruit- a hybrid between a large sour citrus fruit called the shaddock and the sweet orange, serves several specific purposes- the seeds, skin, pulp, juice and all. To really reap grapefruit’s natural rewards, be sure to buy organic from [...]



Not in the Mood... Quickie Workout in Bed

We’re not always in the mood. I’m not even always in the mood… to exercise. Which is why working out on a bed is the best possible option. It takes almost zero oomph to motivate to move. Just start pulsing your leg. Commit to it, get through it, use your mind to move your body. In the end, you never regret working out, but you do regret not working out because your “not in the mood.” Really, it’s those “not in the mood” days when you workout anyway, that says the most about you and your strength- your mental strength, your emotional stamina, your ability to overcome obstacles (your own head telling you not to do something is a major obstacle). Because… even if you’re not in the mood, you can always slip in a quickie.