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Sex On The 1st Date? Yes or No?


by ScrewingTheRules Dating Coach Laurel House You know me… I’m Laurel House- your Dating Coach and Flirting Expert. Steve Hansen is a Life Coach, Male Mind Expert, and the “He Said” to my “She Said.” See what we say when it comes to… Having Sex on the 1st Date.Why She Said/He Said, instead of He Said/She Said? Because “She” comes first… [...]



Dating Coach Q&A on BetterTV... What NEVER to Reveal on a 1st Date

We ALL have baggage. THAT’S what makes us interesting! Embrace it. Don’t boast about it or let it bring you down. Learn from the lessons so you can be better and more evolved next time. And… talk about that baggage on a 1st date. That’s right. Fly your red flags! I explain here… on BetterTV: [...]



4 Realistic 1st Date Ways to Create a Real and Lasting Connection


by No-Games Love Dating Coach Laurel House 1. GET RAW On your first date, don’t stick with “safe” subjects like your career, your dog, and your favorite travel spots. Get raw! Open up. Share something about yourself. That’s the purpose of the first date right? To figure out if there is chemistry, if you’re a potential [...]



Dating Advice: Get Raw on the 1st Date to find "First Love" Again...


You deserve deep guttural love. But you’re not going to find it if you continue to put up that ridiculous front that you created. The only way to really experience love- deep, guttural, first love love… is to get raw, be totally and completely real, be vulnerable, and expose yourself. Afterall, you’re not looking for [...]