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A “QuickieChick Pick” is a stamp of approval- a QuickieChick stamp of approval. Yes, they have been Picked out of all of the brands and products out there, as an absolute must! They are go-tos, the things that should always be stocked in your pantry, hanging in your closet, slathered all over your skin, or somehow very close and easily accessible. Because they have been Picked, you might see this logo on their website, Facebook page, tacked onto tweets, and maybe even on or in their packaging too. Check back on occasion to see what new Picks have been plucked.
-xx Laurel (the QuickieChick)



Why is the action of snacking so satisfying? Putting my hand repeatedly in a little plastic bag of whatever it may be that day and hearing that crunchy sound of each bite can keep me happy for hours (which can also be very dangerous when it comes to my waistline). Yup, I like to snack. I try not to for obvious reasons, but there are certain times when I just feel left out if I don’t partake in a little between-meal munching. I had to find some way to not feel like I was totally missing out but also not to feel 10 pounds heavier after the snack session was over. popchips are not only the perfect healthy snack that satisfies my hand-in-bag/hand-to-mouth craving, but they are DELICIOUS… even crave-worthy. Seems there is a chip flavor for every situation (like after a bad date/heartbreak, on a girl’s night, at a cocktail party, even when you’re mindlessly doing bag-to-mouth when watching your fave trashy show on TV).


There is not a day that goes by without me drinking at least one packet of Emergen-C. It’s simply part of my daily regimen, my vitamin pack, my water flavor booster, my taste bud awakening… it’s a must. The only thing that changes is the flavor. While Super Orange is my fave all by itself, some of the other flavors lend themselves remarkably well to my own concocted cocktails (both with and without alcohol… soon you’ll be able to find QuickieChick’s Emergen-C Cocktail on Emergen-C’s Facebook page. So fab!). Packed with 1000 mg of Vitamin C plus other vitamins and mineral, this nutrient-dense packet is bursting with flavor, ups your energy, and, considering that high doses of Vitamin C have been shown to help boost support the immune system and even help burn fat, umm…. Why wouldn’t it be your go-to too?

nimble™ by Balance Bar®

Ok… so I must, at all times, have at least one, generally two protein bars in my purse. Because I tend to switch out purses and I like to have each one appropriately stocked for quick outfit change ease, that means that each of my main purses has two bars. Now, the purpose for the bars isn’t necessarily for meal replacement (though that has happened on occasion), but instead for meal supplement. If I am out running all-day errands, in a meeting that runs over into lunch time, on a plane that- oops- doesn’t serve dinner, end up taking the 8 mile loop instead of the 3 mile loop on my morning hike, or just need a little something to tide me over before dinner- there’s a bar for that. And that bar is usually a Nimble. nimble™ by Balance Bar® is the newest bar from Balance bar and it’s totally dedicated to women. Not only does nimble come in some seriously awesome flavors (like Peanut Butter and Yogurt Orange Swirl), but it’s only 120 calories with 4 grams of fat, has 10 grams of protein AND is supped up with necessary chick goodness like folate, calcium, fiber (always need more of that), antioxidants, and lutein (a miracle skin nutrient). nimble is also sweetened with Truvia® sweetener from the stevia plant – which helps keep the calories down and the flavor up! Because I’m all about feeding my moods (in a healthy way- ok), I like the Yogurt Orange before a workout when I am on-the-go and have no time for a full breakfast. Peanut Butter is my purse “must” because it’s so tasty, yet somehow tame enough to satisfy any craving- sweet or salty. Then of course… Chocolate. Oh chocolate. It’s the perfect dessert alternative. It’s also pretty fab after a bad date or a break-up instead of doing a full-on pantry raid binge! Obsessed is an understatement.


As much as you may scavenge thrift stores and even spend hours “shopping” in your closet, sometimes you just CAN’T pull together an outfit that you feel “wow” about. There’s an easy fix for that: A fabulous shoe. It can make a drab outfit pop. It can make you feel like a million bucks when you’re wearing less than fifty bucks. Shoes can truly make the outfit. Personally, I like when the shoe stands out a bit, makes a statement, says something about who you are! I love shoes, totally obsessed. My closet is filled with them! And while my obsession can at times be slightly out of control, I’m not breaking my bank. That’s thanks to SoleSociety.com, a membership-based shoe haven for chicks who like to get a monthly shoe fix without breaking their budget. It’s actually a great way to build your shoe closet, signing up to buy one style a month (or you can skip a month if you need/want to). Their shoes look straight off the runway, have incredible designs, colors that pop AND somehow are seriously budget-friendly. It’s a totally intuitive website where you fill out a “style profile” and then they suggest shoes they think you’ll like based on your style personality. And they’re usually right! I mean… seriously awesome. I’m even wearing a pair of SoleSociety shoes on the cover of my book (the pic you see is an alternate cover image… same shoes though)


I hate realizing that a sale JUST ended at my favorite store. And it happens way too often. I don’t get as peeved by it though when I realize I can just shop on Hautelook.com. They work with different brands every day to give their shoppers insane discounts, sometimes 75% off, on top beauty, lingerie, clothing, lifestyle, accessory and even travel brands. I check it obsessively since each sale (generally organized by brand) lasts just a few days, and then that deal is gone. But, I always know another good one will come along. Not going to lie. I get pretty excited every day to see who they are featuring. So excited that most of my go-to going out dresses are from Hautelook.com. Obsessed.


These bad boys aren’t like any pair of jeans that you have strut before. First of all, they really are called SkinnyJeans. And they got that name for a reason. They make you look SKINNY! The cut, design, pockets, inseams, wash, and fabric combo creates the appearance of slimmer thighs, narrower hips, longer legs, and a perkier butt. I mean… can you say dream jeans? But it’s not just one-size-fits-all style. Choose NiteWash (deep indigo) for going out on the town, DayWash (medium blue) for daytime- obviously, and COLORS for when you want to show off a little personality in addition to your rockin’ body! Gotta admit, I love WhiteOut. There is just something sexy and standout about white jeans. They take guts to pull off, but you will be happy you did. More than making you look skinnier, SkinnyJeans make you FEEL skinner, and that comes with an instant confidence boost. Now THAT is sexy! And I LOVE that the website- SkinnyJeans.com, suggests you “Do a plie’ in your SkinnyJeans to get them on right and tight!” How fab is that?

La Tortilla Factory Fiber & Flax

I’m a Southern California girl, so half the food found in my kitchen growing up was Mexican food. After awhile, eating a lot of the carb-heavy (and often lard-enhanced) ingredients quickly made me grow in the wrong ways. La Tortilla Factory tortillas saved the day (and my love of quesadillas, burritos, and wraps). They are low in fat (less than 1 gram) and calories (45 calories), and taste great! But, unlike other tortilla brands that only remove things (ie: fat and calories, even cutting back on carbs), this one actually ADDS things- nutrients and flavor and they are still able to keep these bad boys low fat and low cal. Seriously… they are a true kitchen must! Their Fiber & Flax Corn and Multigrain tortillas are big on nutrition and beyond tasty. I think I have tested them in every way I can! I like to whip together a tortilla pizza or quesadilla with low-fat cheese when I’m on-the-go. If I have the time, I’ll cut them into triangles, add a touch of salt, and bake them for healthy tortilla chips. That’s Mexican food my way!

GG Bran Crispbread

Babybel Light cheese, sunflower seed butter, hummus—these are all things that I love and that need to be spread on something. But I don’t want to consume 150 extra calories in a piece of bread just to enjoy my other favorite snacks. When I discovered GG Bran Crispbread, everything changed (well, in the snacking department). One slice contains just 12 calories and 5 grams of dietary fiber. If you make a sandwich with it, you’re looking at 10 grams—that’s already 1/3 of your daily fiber. Why do I want more fiber? Because I want just about anything that will kill my cravings for junk food- especially my vampire eating habit, and fiber keeps you full longer. PLUS, it helps to, um, clear things out of your system. Another fab find? GG Fiber Sprinkles. I add them to just about everything—soup, yogurt, oatmeal, for crunch without the fat and calories of granola. Love!

I want to be a QuickieChick Pick


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