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Stop Being So Angry! Quickie Workout in Bed

What’s the point of your workout? Many of us use exercise as an outlet to workout. And the great thing is- it works! If you are steaming to the point of boiling over, move your body to get some of the tension out. Not in the mood to go on a run or trek to the gym? Workout in bed. The point is to get in a cardio workout that releases endorphins in your brain and gets some fresh oxygen circulating. Feel better?




What's a Quickie Workout?

Food Network’s “5-Ingredient Fix,” Rachel Ray’s “30-Minute Meals”… it’s clear that people want fast easy fixes. Quickie Workouts are the “30-Minute Meals” of workouts (but shorter). They aren’t intimidating, you can easily slip them into your day and they cater to the everywoman. Like Giada does for cooking, Quickie Workouts are enjoyable to both watch [...]