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Couples That Exercise Together, Have Better Sex Together

Most everybody does it. To some it’s a daily occurrence, others weekly, while many maintain a mere monthly practice of it (maybe…). Some prefer it slow and controlled, placing focus on each movement in order to go deeper into the muscle. Others like it fast, powering through it until their muscles quiver and beads of [...]




Men love power tools. Well, so do we. Ours are just a little different… According to Feng Shui belief, wearing something red can up your “wow” factor, arouse self-confidence, energetically emit power and attract luck. Bu you can’t always wear a red outfit, or even a red accessory. So… wear red underwear. But, more than for reasons of practicality or even for the purpose of feng shui, wearing seriously sexy fire-engine panties under your basic black suit is like your little secret that takes your confidence to a whole new level.