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Get the Benefits of the Sun... Without It! Vitamin D Foods to Boost your MOOD

It’s not necessarily the sun-kissed glow that gets tan-addicts hooked. It’s often the feeling you get. Yes, the Vitamin D emitted from the sun (and tanning beds) induces a natural high. But you don’t have to expose yourself to such risk to benefit. Here are 10 Bites with Benefits foods filled with mood lifting Vitamin D:



What to Eat for: Good Date, Bad Date, Heart Break


When it comes to the heart, food plays a major role. LOVE:  Food can be very sexy. Hot melted chocolate that fills your mouth decadent warmth then slowly drips down the back of your throat… Sweet whipped cream licked off your fingertips… HEARTBREAK:  Food can be very comforting. After a bad date or a heart-ripping [...]





Healthy Pumpkin Protein Pancakes: Quickie in the Kitchen

I LOVE pancakes. But I honestly infrequently eat them because of the carbs. Which is why I am so beyond thrilled by these protein-packed pumpkin pancakes that aren’t just insanely tasty, belly-filling and emotionally-fulfilling, but they are Bites with Benefits! Here’s how… Pumpkin: Immune Boosting- It’s the beta carotene, an antioxidant that helps boost the [...]