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Laurel House is an international Dating Coach, Personal Branding Expert, MTV’s MADE “It Girl” Confidence Mentor, 4x published Lifestyle Author, women empowerment speaker and retreat leader, and a go-to Lifestyle Expert on E! News. Her 5th book “Screwing The Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love,” will be published in December 2014 with Running Press. In the media she has been called “the woman who women want to share secrets with, and men want to swap spit with.” Why? Because she makes everyone feel important, seen, and valued. Men and women trust her because she’s real.

Hollywood “super agent” Michael Ovitz was Laurel’s mentor from the age of 19. Beyond business, he taught her how to have confidence in any situation, hold eye contact, and own your personal power- regardless of who you are talking to, no one is too powerful, too important, too successful, too good looking, too “out of my league”… and she translates that concept and confidence to her clients.

Go-Getter Entrepreneur

At 22 years old, after leaving Ovitz’s Artists Management Group in search of more autonomy, she became an assistant at Much & House Public Relations. With ingrained business savvy, a relentless go-getter attitude, and just enough naiveté, she took it upon herself to immediately start signing clients. Her first- Gurmukh’s Golden Bridge Yoga. Her second- Whole Foods Market, Southern Pacific Region. She launched the wellness division of the PR firm.

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Within a year, Laurel began to expand her reach, capitalizing on the magazine editor relationships that she had created as a publicist and started to simultaneously write for magazines. She became the West Coast Editor for Fit Magazine at 24 years old, sold her first book to Harper Collins, and started a demand but fulfilling freelance career writing about sex, relationships, health, travel, spas and fitness for everyone from Playboy to Men’s Journal, Elegant Bride to First for Women. Laurel continues to contribute articles as a dating expert to websites including YourTango (13 million monthly uniques), SheKnows, FabFitFun, HealingLifestlyes, and Find Bliss Magazine. She has since published 4 additional books, as well as built two brands: GreenIQ- an online carbon and environmental calculator, and QuickieChick- a book and brand all about quick tips for fast-paced chicks.

YouTube was her next domain, where she has been able to garner over 20 million views on various channels. Laurel’s edgy, authentic, relatable yet aspirational dating, fitness, healthy food and confidence video tips have mass appeal. She is the woman who has been there, done all of that and would never judge. Laurel speaks based on personal experience as well as professional expertise.

As a Dating Coach, Laurel has created the no-games strategy to find love- deep, hard and fast. Her clients range in age from 16-72 years old, and live anywhere from LA to NYC, Canada to Dubai. Her approach is both emotional and to-the-point practical. But more than anything, she cares. Sometimes too much. Her clients are a priority. And they know that. They can feel it.

Laurel is known as a Man Whisperer. So how does she help so many men and women all over the world? Because Laurel has always been the girl that guys say “she’s like one of the guys in terms of how she thinks, but still completely feminine. Somehow she seems to understand what other chicks just don’t get. Laurel is a Man Whisperer.” Laurel help translate the deep-seeded needs and superficial wants to both men and women, demystifying dating by removing the games and getting back to the real purpose: finding love.


Dating Experts


…So What’s A Quickie Lifestyle?

Yes, we all know what a “quickie” is (and that’s in here too), but this is more than that; it’s a lifestyle. Just as “quickies” are fun, exciting, sometimes unconventional, resourceful, efficient, sexy, quick, in the moment, and always (or almost always) instantly gratifying… so are LifeQuickies. These aren’t long overdrawn processes that require prep-work, expensive equipment, patience and perseverance. They are right now. Oh, and it’s all done on a budget (because you don’t need to be wined, dined and stay in a 5 star hotel to have a quickie… do you?). Even beyond the fun and fast, LifeQuickies are about seeing that every experience, break up, lost job, screw up, embarrassment, success… (yes, even bummers have benefits) they all have a “net net,” an extracted message… a quickie lesson you can learn that just might change your mind, your path, or simply give you a different perspective, tweak your way of thinking, or make life (or just the task at hand) a little easier.

There’s a Quickie for Everything
Upping your metabolism or your sex drive, easing a bad mood or a hangover, feeling better after a heartbreak or a hard workout, even faking a perfect body before a big date or faking confidence before a big meeting… there’s pretty much a quickie solution for every facet of life.

In the end, you may be a do-everything chick who lacks patience as a virtue and doesn’t have a lot of time to get a lot done, but you still need those extracts of information to help you achieve a better, more fulfilled and fabulous life. And since you don’t have enough time, patience or energy to have all of the full lesson-revealing life experiences yourself, I’ve done the dirty work for you and now, in a nut shell, here it is… quickie tips for fast-paced chicks- like you and me too. This is your cheat sheet to life.


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