Want a Better Tummy… on the Inside? Filter Your Water

We’re learning more and more about the links between the health and diversity of your gut bacteria and the health of your body and mind.  Studies have shown relationships between your micro-biome (the ecosystem of microorganisms in your body) and depression, and obesity, and possibly several serious ailments (or lack of them).  So how do you keep your gut bacteria healthy?

Everyone’s taking probiotics, and that’s probably a good thing, though it seems like vitamins… who knows if it works but it can’t hurt, right?

But have you considered what you drink?  Did you know that your tap water contains chemicals (chlorine or chloramine) to disinfect the water?  What else might they “disinfect?”  Once it’s arrived at your faucet the disinfectant has done it’s job.  So filter that stuff!  I’ve been using a pitcher-style filter for years, but those may not being fully removing the newest disinfectant — chloramine.

Under-sink water filter.  It’s bigger and it’s better.  You can get one off the Internet and install it yourself, or call your plumber to install one for you.  My guys are TRM Plumbing, the best plumbers in LA, hands down, and specialists at water filters.  It’s a quick job and you don’t have to replace the filters nearly as often as the countertop ones.

Eat real food and drink clean water.  Your tummy will thank you for it :-)


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