She Said/He Said: Who Pays on a 1st Date?


Ladies, never put your credit card down (or even do the fake reach) again on a date. Friends go dutch. Business associates go dutch. Dates don’t. What do you want? A friend? A business partner? A job? Or a boyfriend that might lead to a husband? Do not pay. Do not offer to pay. I don’t care if you are wealthier, uglier, fatter, less popular, more pathetic, or luckier (to be out with him than he is with you). You are the woman. Your presence and radiance is payment enough on that first date. In fact, it’s payment enough on the firstseveral dates (if not all dates). You can pay in other ways on other dates. You can be responsible for atypical dates. But the act of pulling out a credit card or cash from your wallet at the dinner table is a masculine act and it is not for a feminine woman to do.
Paying = providing (masculine). Cooking/gifting = nurturing (feminine).


I used to pay for everything when I went on dates without question…

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