Say "Screw YOU!" To These 5 Dating Rules

1. SCREW THIS: Don’t talk about your Ex
DO THIS: YES- definitely mention your Ex

2. SCREW THIS: Don’t reveal too much on the first date
DO THIS: OPPOSITE! Be totally open. Fly your red flags, expose your baggage. Be real and get raw.

3. SCREW THIS: Offer to Pay.

DO THIS: Never ever ever offer to pay on a date. Don’t even do the fake reach.

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4. SCREW THIS: Only casual kissing on the first date
DO THIS: Do what you feel… Assuming that you pre-qualified first, you should know him pretty well by the end of the date.

5. SCREW THIS: Be Busy and Don’t Explain Why
DO THIS: Don’t pretend to be busy. BE busy. Get a life. And share that life with him so he knows just how interested you are.

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