Pros and Cons of 1st Date Restaurant Choices

By Michelle M

A first date can be inherently nerve-wrecking. You already need to balance your beauty regime – picking the right outfit, hair and makeup, and oh no – is that chipped nail polish I see? Time for a mani/pedi, stat! However, nothing quite packs on the pressure than when your date asks those six dreaded words “Where do you want to go?” Now you’re hit with a snowball of other factors to consider – expensive or casual, what type of food, what part of town? Your restaurant choice sets the tone of the date, while the food can impact your body and mood.

Here are a few first date restaurant pros and cons to consider before selecting your cuisine:


·         Pros: Sushi is light and bite sized, so you don’t need to worry about getting messy or having a mouthful that keeps you from keeping the conversation going. Plus, oysters are known to be aphrodisiacs. Add some sake and you’re in for a fun night.

·         Cons: Do you really know how to use chopsticks? Are you adventurous enough to try the weird octopus sushi he wants to order? Be ready to be a team player since most sushi orders are shared. Pack some breath mints in your purse as well to eliminate any risk before your first date kiss.

BONUS FASHION TIP: Pair a cute dress with a leather motor jacket or your favorite tee with your best statement skirt


·         Pros: It’s fun to get dolled up and decked out for your fancy night out. Bust out the jewelry, sky high heels, and get ready to leave the house feeling sexy. Indulge in that petite filet mignon and lobster mac and cheese, but be warned, your steakhouse dinner has some serious first date drawbacks

·         Cons: While you might leave the house feeling like a bombshell, be careful that you don’t overeat. This will leave you feeling lethargic and overly full. Another factor to consider is cost. You’d be hard pressed to get out of a nice steak dinner for under $75-$100 (if that!). This may add some subtle pressure from your guy who might expect a little something in return….so ask yourselves, do you really need that pressure?


·         Pros: Hello, vino! Nothing gets the conversation flowing like a few sips of liquid courage at a great Italian restaurant. There’s something very romantic about sharing an Italian dinner. Think lady and the tramp.

·         Cons: Beware of the oh-so-delicious bread baskets that will leave you tummy feeling bloated. Another con, all those carbs can lead to a food coma!

BONUS FASHION TIP: Channel your inner goddess and wear something drop, dead sexy

 Neighborhood Bar / Burger joint

·         Pro: Fun and casual, there’s less pressure a burger joint. It’s usually a very relaxed atmosphere where you can really get to know the other person.

·         Cons: Your food options are usually unhealthy, carb-filled and fried. Extra tip: Don’t overdrink just because you’re comfortable at your neighborhood bar.

BONUS FASHION TIP: Pair your favorite jeans with a wedges for an effortless look


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