Stiletto Quickie: Be Happy, Healthy & Positive in 1 Minute

In a bad mood? Feeling lethargic? Need an energy boost? Just because you are at work, wearing stilettos, seated at your desk, doesn’t mean that you can’t up your attitude and burn some calories… right NOW. Beyond the burn, sometimes it’s all about attitude if you want to snap out of a funk. Imagine that you are literally punching out negativity and pulling in positivity, filling your head with happy words (healthy, balance, passion, family, love, success, kindness, understanding, generosity… whatever you want more of), then punch out the negative words that are cluttering your head and your life (anger, resentment, hurt, insecurity, distrust, bills, peer pressure, deadlines, overweight, sadness… whatever you want to get rid of). Do this 100 times and your are toning your abs, arms, back and chest all while sitting at work!


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