Les Mills WILL Transform Your Body in 30 Minutes. Go!

No time to workout? Honestly you’re still trying to use that excuse? Come on… That’s no longer an excuse. Even if you can’t find 45-60 straight minutes to dedicate to getting your body in shape, you can still move your butt enough to make a difference- believe me. Studies have shown that even short exercise spurts helps to increase blood flow, burn calories, and trim fat.

But more than slimming your physique, exercise is the ideal mid-day boost, particularly in the midst of a crazed afternoon. In fact, it’s been shown that exercise helps focus the mind and increase productivity. It’s an obvious no-brainer. Instead of (or in addition to) my 3pm green tea with soy milk (because I quit coffee cold-turkey over a year ago) break, I like to do a quickie workout. And while my quickie workouts in bed are always a favorite, I don’t always have a bed to bounce on. But I have found something that just might be even better. Yes. It’s called the Les Mills GRIT™Series and it’s a new 30-minute high intensity interval training program.

I know you know that I tend to shy away from super high intensity. However, if it’s quick, I’m into it. Remember the Iobella hot pod that I sweat in for 30 minutes and how obsessed I was with it because of how it transformed my body? Turns out, science backs my personal experience, proving that high-intensity interval training, even short workouts, sculpt the body faster than conventional workouts. Dr. Jinger Gottschall at Pennsylvania State University did a six week study, comparing two groups of exercisers, each working out for five hours a week. The difference was that one group did a straight hour of cardio, while the other did two 30-minute Les Mills GRIT™Series workouts. Six weeks later, the group that broke up their hour sessions into two 30-minute sessions had twice the improvement in all areas: improved cardio fitness and strength, and decreased triglycerides, body fat and waist circumference. I mean… how can you not be sold right there?!

So what do these uber-effective workouts consist of? Quick bursts of high intensity moves, mixed with short recovery periods. There are 3 designated workouts:

STRENGTH- which uses barbells, plates and the bench to blast all major muscle groups.

PLYO- which uses the principles of plyometrics to increase speed, strength and endurance.

CARDIO- an explosive no-equipment body weight workout that burns fat fast.

With 14,000 clubs across 80 countries, the Les Mills group fitness and team training programs make it easy to transform your body fast. Now get moving and start sweating that fat off! You already spent several minutes just reading this. Remember: if you started working out when you first thought about working out, you’d be done by now.

To find a Les Mills GRIT™ class near you, visit www.lesmills.com/findaclass


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