Would You Eat Sushi for Breakfast? Best Non-Breakfast Breakfasts

So you think you don’t like breakfast? Maybe the reason you don’t like breakfast is because you don’t like typical breakfast foods. The smell of eggs makes you ill. Sweet cereals make your stomach turn. Oatmeal reminds you of your grandparents. Fine. Don’t eat “breakfast” for breakfast.

“Break” your “Fast”… that’s the point of breakfast. It kick starts your metabolism so you burn more calories, and energize your day. But…
You’re not hungry when you wake up?
Food makes you feel sick first thing in the morning?
You have plenty of energy to last through lunch?

It’s called “conditioning.” You have conditioned your body to not think it needs food. Well it’s time to retrain yourself. You will soon find that you not only wake up hungry, but you also will be more energized and even lose weight. Studies show that eating a donut for breakfast is better than eating nothing at all. That’s because eating nothing slows your metabolism. I’m not saying you should eat a donut. I’m giving you the ok to eat whatever you want, as long as it’s during breakfast time (and it’s healthy-ish).
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So what does the ideal breakfast consist of? A balance of protein and carbs.
Here are a few great non-breakfast breakfast options:

-Cold pizza
-Chicken quesadilla
-Frozen burrito
-Oatmeal and egg
-Dim sum
-Leftover Chinese broccoli chicken

-Veggie Corn Dogs
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What is your favorite non-breakfast breakfast?


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