How-To Have a Sumer Fling or a Vacation Romance

It’s summer time! Inhibitions are down, energy is up, you’re strutting in less clothes, feeling natural and free, and the heat is on… which can lead to quick and easy flings. And while those quick love-like romances may be fun, you don’t want them to leave you reeling in the end (when it ends), or putting a damper on your relaxed carefree days. Here’s how to keep your sumer lovin’ hot but still safe and not too heavy.

1. DANGER RADAR- You might feel free but you still have to have your Danger Radar on alert.

If you find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in or that you are uncomfortable in, be honest. You can be sweet and still strong and unwavering.

2. ASK PRE-QUALIFYING QUESTIONS- Just because it’s a summer love doesn’t mean it’s ok to date whoever and do whatever. Ask pre-qualifying questions that reveal who this guy (or girl) is. You don’t want to be conned, played, or mislead.

3. STAY AWAY FROM TOXIC, BORING, & UNHEALTHY- Summer love may be fun, but if it’s an unhealthy, boring, or toxic romance it couldn’t actually put a damper on your carefree energy. Keep it light, honest, and real. If it doesn’t feel right, end it.

4.  HAVE A VACATION ROMANCE- Vacation romances are fantastic! Date a local and have them take you around to the hotspots. It’s a great way to get an insider’s view of a foreign place to you. And always bring a pair of sexy panties on vacation, because you never know…

5. KEEP IT LIGHT- Don’t throw your entire heart into a vacation romance. Stay fun and buoyant and keep it light. The last thing you want is to be heartbroken for the next 6 months over a guy you’ll never see again.


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