10 Ways To Tell If He's Using You...

1. Listen To Your Gut

Yes that little voice in your head that is giving you warnings, that’s your natural instincts. Your subconscious might be picking up subtle signs that your mind and heart are too excited to notice.

2. He Doesn’t Make Much Of An Effort

He sees you when it’s convenient for him (like when you go over to his house or meet him out with his friends). But he doesn’t put much effort into making the connection.

3. He Doesn’t Pay 

If you seem to always be shelling out the cash for the dinner, movie tickets, cabs, entrance fees… everything, you might start to wonder if he’s using you for money.

4. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Special

Does he allow you to make him feel special, but you can’t remember the last time he did something to make you feel special? You feel like you’re constantly doing cute little things for him, complimenting him, going out of your way to make him feel special, but he never reciprocates?

5. He Acts Differently Around His Friends

The way a guy acts with you when his friends are around can be an important indicator of how he truly feels about you. He might be sweet and lovey dovey when you’re alone, but as soon as the guys come by if he’s distant, demeaning, rude, dismissive… you should start to question how to talks about you to his buddies and what he really thinks about you. Are you just a booty call? Does he play down your relationship because he’s embarrassed of you?

6. Friends And Acquaintances Warn That He’s A DIfferent Guy When You’re Not There

If there are inconsistencies with the stories you hear from others about his personality, which are different from how he acts when he is with you… which one is the real him? Is he just putting on a show or a facade for you?

7. He Has Ulterior Motivations 

He talks about other ulterior motives with you- like that your dad might be able to get him a job, that he would love to use your beach house, that he would love for you to bring him to more parties where he can meet the important people.

8. You Feel Like You Work For Him

He is constantly asking you to run errands and make pit stops on your way to see him. It makes you feel like you’re his assistant, not his girlfriend.

9. He Only Comes Over When He’s Hungry Or Needs to Do Laundry

He always brings his laundry and eats all your food. Once those needs are met, he’s out of there.

10. You Are Always and Only His Go-TO During Moments of Weakness

He only contacts you when he’s drunk, broke, or is having a bad day.

If too many (or even just a few) of the above ring true, you might want to start re-thinking if he’s really into you, or if what he’s into is something you offer.


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