Skinny Margaritas & Guacamole: How to Indulge on Vacation & NOT Gain Weight

You’ve been good all year (well, for a few weeks anyway) in preparation for your big annual vacation. You finally feel like a million bucks when you slip on your brand new bikini and strut it on the beach. But after a week of eating too much, drinking too much, and exercising… um, not at all, you feel more than ready to wrap it up and hide behind your clothes once again. Not this year!

If you want to stay slim AND enjoy your vacation, follow these 5 easy tips:

-Quickie Workout in Bed:

If you don’t want to interrupt your vacation relaxation, before you get out of bed in the morning, do a quickie workout- kick your legs, circle your arms, get your abs involved and burn some calories before you even start your day!

-Take Advantage of Your Environment:

Do yoga on a rock, take a hike, scuba dive, snorkel, swim in the ocean, go on a walk, take a water aerobics class

-Eat Simply Local and Share:

Talk to the chef, see what’s local and fresh. Ask for that prepared in the simplest clean way to bring out the ingredient’s natural flavors. I love fresh, simply grilled fish, ceviche (raw fish and cucumber marinated in lime juice, spices), fruit platter flavored with fresh lime or even cayenne pepper. When it comes to guacamole- yes enjoy! But instead of dipping fatty fried chips into the guacamole, use jicama, carrot sticks, celery or radishes.

-Drink Skinny:

If you are at a place where margaritas are the local drink, ask for them skinny: tequila, fresh squeezed lime (lots of it), agave, and a little fresh local juice if you want.

-Look at the Activities Calendar!

That’s how you will find out about activities like Yoga on the Rock, or cultural lessons like tequila tastings, or even about new spa specials like a Tequila massage (amazing!). Even if your entire purpose of vacation is to do nothing at all, you can still be healthy and even lose weight while you’re doing it.

So don’t stress about staying slim on vacation. Just be smart and make Fit decisions and you could even come home a few pounds lighter!

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