Never Check a Bag on Vacation Again... Here's How to Pack

Traveling can be stressful enough. Make it as easy as possible with these tips… 

1. Never Check a Bag- I don’t care if’ you’re traveling for 2 days or 2 months. 

2. Roll Your Clothes

3. Don’t Give Yourself options. Plan your outfits ahead. Then Mix-Match Tops & Bottoms

4. Stick with one Color Story (based on your shoes)

5. Fill your Personal Bag with Immune Boosting Effer-C, Noise Canceling Headphones, Green Tea, Balance Bar, Cleansing Wipes

6. Pack Multi-Tasking Clothing

7. Be Strategic with your In-Flight Outfit

8. Always Pack 1 pair of Sexy Panties… because you never know.

Watch the video for lots more need-to-know info on how to be an efficient, and still stylish, traveler. 


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