He Cheated. Is It Your Fault?

12 ways to drive your partner into someone else’s arms… and what you can do to AVOID it!

1. Don’t be so insecure

2. Don’t point out and bring attention to your flaws
3. Don’t point out and bring attention to someone who you think is “better” for them
4. Don’t be a cold fish
5. Don’t use intimacy as a tool against them- only letting them touch you if they “deserve” to
6. Don’t be so needy- like jello, if you squeeze too hard they could slip through your fingers
7. Don’t constantly question them, ask them if they are cheating, what they did last night, or look in their phone. If you make them feel like they have something to hide, they might feel like they should start hiding things.
8. Don’t be such a nag
9. Be Confident
10. Flirt
11. Put some effort into it
12. Make them feel lucky to be with you (without telling them that they are lucky to be with you)


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