Fitness Fashion Trends and Gym Bag Essentials

Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy. You can be stylish without looking styled (or feeling uncomfortable). Here are 3 Fitness styles perfect for Yoga, Cardio, and Spinning. But first…

my O’Gorgeous gym bag essentials:

-Sneakers- I always have sneakers in my gym bag, which is either in my car or next to my desk. Because you never know when a meeting will cancel, a project takes less time than projected, or you just happen to have an extra hour to kill. Instead of scouring the internet, I take that time to workout!

-Bai5 antioxidant-rich, 5-calorie, Energizing (thanks to the coffee berry), hydrating drink that is naturally sweetened (no crazy sweeteners here) and addictively delicious. I am obsessed.

-Balance Bar Dark, because it’s 40-30-30 (carbs/protein/fat), gluten-free, high fiber, high protein, and you could swear it was bad for you, but it’s so good!

-Murad Clarifying Wipes. They clean my pores, killing bacteria and germs, plus they quickly wipe off makeup (before my workout) and sweat (after my workout).

-Mascara. It’s my one beauty must. I may have a clean face (thanks to my cleansing cloths), but my mascara makes me feel made up and ready to tackle the day after my workout.

Now for the clothes:

A few trends to watch for: Neon, Tie Dye, Sexy/Sassy/Edgy, Mesh Details, Cut Outs, Body Shaping/Slimming Technology, Skorts, Super Light Sneakers, Colorful Bottoms


Neon is back! I love the H&M Sport for budget-friendly styles.


Skorts! Bright colors on the bottom (bye bye black) and sass-appeal is so in! Loving this Skort from Athleta.

Sexy Tanks with Mesh and Bare-Back details are very in.

Super Light Sneakers. Bare foot running is cool, but super light sneakers are more realistic for daily life. The only sneakers I wear these days are Asics. Period.


Body-Slimming Outerwear is all the rage, like these Tummy Trimmerz Pants.

Tie Dye is also hot, like this Seamless Tank from Athleta!

BKR Bottle- from spinning class to the hiking trails, this glass and silicone must-have bottle is durable, stylish, easy to carry, and will stay clean (plus it’s a celebrity favorite)



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