Workout at the Beach… In Your Bikini

Just tying on your bikini can instantly ignite a stress fest as you focus in on each of your now very exposed flaws in hopes that your tan quickly creating the illusion of a slightly slimmer you. Doesn’t matter how fab or flab your body is, pretty much every woman experiences at least a bit of insecurity around donning a bikini. So what’s a girl to do? Workout… at the beach!
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The beach might not be the place that makes you feel like slipping on your sneakers and kicking up sand as you pitiably sprint through throngs of spirited sunbathers. Thankfully there are other beach exercises you can and should do that will increase your confidence when it comes to slipping on that teeny body-baring bikini. And here’s the best part: they can take as little as 5 minutes and you don’t have to change out of your suit or even leave your sunbathing spot! That’s right, no running shoes, exercise shorts, or even a shirt are required because the best beach exercises are all about honing in and toning up specific bikini-centric spots with nothing more than your own body weight to resist you.
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Spot Training vs Spot Toning
While you can’t spot train in terms of burning fat (fat burns equally off the entire body), you can spot tone. In other words, you can hone in on a specific muscle group and tone it through focused exercises. When the muscle is tighter, the skin above it is more taut, and you appear slimmer.
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When it comes to bikinis, there are certain highlighted areas that are perfect for spot toning, including:
-Booty bulge that bubbles up along your favorite Brazilian bottoms
If you have a Bubble Butt, try this
If you have a Pancake Butt, try this
If you have a Droopy Butt, try this
-Belly jelly that jiggles as you strut
Do this Ab-Blasting at the beach Plank Workout
-Chest excess that folds over your triangle top
Sit on your beach blanket and do this Bounce and Circle Daily100
-Upper back fat that flops across your halter top ties  
Sit on your beach blanket and do this Upper Body Cardio Quickie Workout

Total-Body Beach Tone-Up
Exercising at the beach is a great way to get more bang out of your exercise buck thanks to added resistance of the sand. To blast fat and tone your muscles fast, try Walking Lunges in the dry sand. They are a great lower body fat blaster, giving you a lifted booty and a flatter bikini belly. You can also do this exercise in the shoreline and get the resistance of wet sand- digging your bare feet into the sand with each step, creating even more weight. Lift your arms over your head to add the upper body. Don’t want to leave your beach towel? Do this on the spot “Running” Lunge.

Now slip on your bikini, head to the beach, and tone your body into strutting shape.


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