Skinny Detox Guacamole... Yes.

Spring happens to be the time when lots of moods are flitting around- old stuck ones are being detoxed from our insides, as fresh excitable ones are reinvigorating our energy!

-You’re over your old flame and ready to date (FINALLY! Thanks to your new obsession with online dating)
-You’ve detoxed emotional pain from your mind (thanks to an array of detox treatments- from mud baths to craniosacral therapy… kind of obsessed with this BioMeditation Therapy!)
-You just checked off “Spring Clean My House” and brightened your digs with awesome but inexpensive accent pieces (love garage sales!) then gave your office a face lift thanks to SeeJaneWork’s so QuickieChick chic picks
-You even explored a juice cleanse to refresh your liver… which you endured for an entire half day!

Thanks to your spring cleaned- inside and out- new self, you might notice a new skip to your step, fun snap to your wit, and… why not a pop in your mouth! I have paired one of my fave popchips flavors- chili lime, this so fab dip that you just might have to physically restrain yourself from devouring the entire thing (though that wouldn’t be so bad either). It’s a Skinny Detoxifying Guacamole.

Skinny Detox Guacamole
½ large Avocado- diced (omega-3s absorb toxins and lubricate intestines to help eliminate toxins)
¼ large Cucumber- diced(flushes out the system)
½ Lemon or Lime- squeezed (helps flush out toxins)
2 Cilantro sprigs- chopped (antibacterial and helps regulate moods)
1 Garlic clove- diced (stimulates the liver to filter out more toxins)
½ Jalapeno- diced (stimulates internal warmth and ups circulation)
Sea Salt and White Pepper (just a dash)
(you can also add some onion and tomato if you want)

You will be shocked… SHOCKED by how delicious this is!


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