Have you ever had a broken heart? Have you ever felt that ache, that pain, that confusion and emptiness that makes you feel… purposeless, pathetic, lost? Me too. Most of us have. I can help you heal, become stronger, and move on.

Because you are important to me and I believe that every woman deserves the joy of experiencing what it’s like to love and be loved every day of her life, I knew you’d want to see this.

I am excited because I’ve received a special invitation to be part of a FREE life-changing event, the From Heartache to Your Heart’s Desires” Free Telesummit: Top Experts Share How to Mend Your Broken Heart and Learn to Love Again!

My friend, Gladys Diaz, has brought together some of the leading experts in love, dating, relationships, healing, and transformation to create a unique and life-altering event designed to help you heal your heart and open up to the possibility of loving and being loved again!

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I will be one of Gladys’ top expert guests for this extraordinary one-time virtual event!

I am honored to be part of this group of leading experts and we can’t promise you that an event like this will ever happen again.  What we can promise you is that, even if you don’t act now, you will hear testimonials about the difference this event has made in the lives of women for months to come.

Imagine that today is your day and you:

  • Let go of the pain you’re experiencing so that can begin to heal
  • Identify the fears that are stopping you so that you can move forward with confidence and courage
  • Learn how to forgive, let go of resentment, and experience peace
  • Begin to fall in-love with YOU
  • Take the steps to start opening your heart and living and loving again
  • Discover the love that is already waiting for you

… And end the self-sabotage that stops you from experiencing the life and love your hearts desires so that you can know the joy of what it’s like to be loved every day for the rest of your life!

Whether you’ve experienced heartache due to a break-up, a divorce or separation, the loss of spouse or partner, or you’re in a relationship that is not everything you’d hoped it would be, this telesummit is filled with information, practical tips, and transformational exercises that will jumpstart your love life and give you the confidence and courage you need to heal and get on the path to discovering the love that is already waiting for you!

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How would it feel to tap into the minds of people who are well-respected experts in the areas of love, dating, relationships, healing and transformation?

What would it be like to extract exactly what you need to remove the pain, move past the fear that is stopping you and open your heart to the experience of being in the loving relationship your heart desires?

If any of this resonates with you, then this event is 100% for you and the best part is it’s FREE!

We have just one simple favor to ask.

Would you kindly share this with your friends, your mother, and any other women you know who could benefit from this event?

If you are ready to experience a real change, we invite you and any of the women in your life to join us for the From Heartache to Your Heart’s Desires Free Telesummit.

Please join us and my fellow leading expert guests here.

xx Laurel

P.S. Isn’t it time you experienced the loving, passionate, intimate relationship you dream of?  Don’t delay your happiness a minute longer!

…a few things you’ll learn:

*Julie Ferman: “Approaching Dating As a Journey”
*Julie-Anne Shapiro: “How to be Irresistible and Have, Not Just a Relationship, But Extraordinary Love”
*Marcy Neumann: “Letting Go to Let In: Your Heartache is Your Journey to Loving Once Again”
*Marni Batista: “How to Make Your Heartache the Best Worst Thing That Ever Happened to You”
*Laura Doyle: How to Create an Intimate, Passionate, Peaceful Relationship with a Man
*Stefan Gonick:  The Keys to Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Life
*Christy Whitman: “Attracting an Abundance of Love Into Your Life!”
*Allana Pratt: Trusting Your Vulnerability
*Jennifer Hadley: Unbreak Your Heart
*Gail Lynne Goodwin: Finding the Love of Your Life
*Dr. Dar: You Absolutely Can Find and Create a Happy Relationship
*Hemal Radia: Manifesting a New Relationship After Heartache
*Susan Lazar Hart: Coming Back from Beyond to Connect Fully and Deeply with Yourself and Others”  
*Rachel DeAlto: Get Your Flirt On: How to Meet Him and Keep Him
*Bobbi Palmer: “The Surprising Path to Lasting Love: Put Yourself First!”
*Ellen Smoak: “The 10 Secrets to Beating a Broken Heart BEFORE it beats YOU.”
*Dr. Pat Allen: “The Broken Heart Syndrome”
*Kara Oh: The Healing Power of Self-Love

…and my talk on

*”Screwing the (dating) Rules: The No-Games Guide to Finding True Love”


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