Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

1. EAT Bites with Fat-Burning Benefits (like hot and spicy or cinnamon foods)


2. DO a Daily100 ANY time ANY where… it’s just 100 seconds or 100 reps of 1 exercise (100 reps of butt squeezes, dancer’s leg lifts, seated side crunches, stiletto jump rope, saddle bag tamers)

3. CHEW- Love to Bake? Chew Gum While You’re Doing It: Just a “little” hunk of cookie dough actually has a lot more fat and calories than you give it credit for. Think about that little hunk and its ability to expand into a gigantic cookie in the oven. Yes, a hunk here, and a hunk there, and suddenly you have devoured 5 cookies before the baking has even begun! Chew a piece of fresh flavor-bursting gum while baking to help you resist the urge to lick the spoon.

4. Post-It’s the Pantry: Post post-its in your pantry, on your bathroom mirror, on your front door, on your alarm clock, at the foot of your bed… as reminders to work out and eat right. These are little reminders like: “Can You Fit Into Your Bikini?” or “Put That Cookie Down!!!… It’s Not Worth It” or “If Worked Out When You Started Thinking About Working Out, You’d Be Done By Now.”

5. Skinny Jeans (or Bikini) in the Kitchen: Hanging your skinny jeans or your bikini in the kitchen may seem extreme, but they are a constant reminder of your goal. Each time you see those jeans or bikini you will think to yourself, “nope, this boredom splurge just isn’t worth it.”

6. Create an Intention Board: Intention boards keep you on track to becoming the person you want to be- in your body, love life, or business. Cut out images and words you are drawn to, look at the board every morning, and think of what you can do that day to live up to the images and words on the board.

7. Fit Bank: Bye Bye Piggy Bank… Every time you REALLY don’t want to work out, but do anyway (even if it’s just a Daily 100), or every time you SO BADLY want a brownie but make a cup of tea instead, put $1 in your By Bye Piggy Bank, also called a “Fitness Bank.” Once it adds up a bit, you get to spend it anyway you want! Then when you’re strutting around with your new sexy stilettos, you’ll be able to think “my workouts and fit mindset bought this for me…”


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