NASM Weight Loss Specialist... Certified!

It’s official! I’m a certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Weight Loss Specialist!

More than being a useful tool for trainers, seriously… if you are struggling with your weight, if you have lots of questions and don’t seem to be getting any answers that actually work, if you want to educate yourself on the how and why did you gain weight AND how to best lose it- long term… I would take the course.

It’s online and it’s pretty straight-forward. You just download the course manuals, study, then carve out an hour and a half to take the test. You have 3 opportunities to pass. But more than the certification (which is awesome!), you will become educated on YOUR BODY. Talk about taking responsibility for your weight loss!

I did. You should too…

(as silly as it is, I’m actually so proud of it that I have “NASM Weight Loss Specialist” in my email signature ;)




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