LA is FILLED w/ Great Guys! Here's How to Find Them

Despite what you’ve heard, or maybe even what you think, LA- the west coast’s sexiest city, is filled with lots of great guys. But it takes a few extra things, a few steps for women to get noticed because it’s also a very competitive city.

So here are 4 very common complaints about LA guys and what you can do about it

-1.  There are no good guys in LA
There are, actually… lots of Great guys in LA. It’s so easy to blame your location, men in general, or other factors for your inability to get and keep a good guy. But it might actually be your fault. Not that you are doing anything wrong, but your strategy might be flawed.

So where are you going to find these guys? Are you going to bars and clubs? Well guess what? That’s often not where those great guys are.
They are at networking events. They are at home- working. So you find them online, like checkhimout.com.

-2  LA guys are stereotypically plastic, starving artists or spoiled from growing up with trust funds.
Sure, some of them are. But most aren’t. There are guys in every profession- attorney, doctor, entrepreneur, chef, architect…, they just might not be hanging out at the LA hotspots.

Plastic guys? Yes… there are lots of those. LA is the hub for actors, models, directors, producers, writers, etc… who come here to be discovered. They left their lives elsewhere to make it in LA! That’s a lot of pressure. They are dedicated to their craft. It’s oftentimes not about if they are a good catch, but rather, if now is the time to catch them.

There are really two great times to catch a great kind of a guy: BEFORE and AFTER they become successful. That middle time is rough. The woman is an extra, an accessory, an exhale, a mistress to the guy’s career… but often times she’s not the priority.

- 3. The few good LA guys are already taken!
Generally speaking, there are often two types of guys: Always Single or Always Taken. For the always taken, they are single for a minute. You’ve got to get them then. For the always single, if you present yourself as being cool with that, and being ok with the booty call status, they will be too! Not into that but have your eyes on an “always single?” Be different, take control. Make them want and need you… and they will. As for the always taken, the key is to find him when he’s in between relationships- because he’s looking for a girlfriend! Where do you find those guys? Oftentimes online. Not the old school way- they don’t want to chase all the time… they are always working hard- AT WORK! They don’t want to work so hard at getting the girl too.

-4.  Why do LA guys appear to be such players?
Because they can be. This city is filled with beautiful people, people who want attention, who want to network. But that doesn’t mean that the want to be or they are fulfilled. Make yourself stand out. Don’t be aggressive, but don’t be easy. Stand out by taking charge. Which is why checkhimout.com is perfect. It reflects the new modern culture of take-charge women.

Go and get one of these great guys, before some other chick does.


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