The Body Fat Melting Machine... Watch me doing Iobella on E! News

Women are willing to try pretty much anything when it comes to fighting fat and fending off cellulite. The newest must-try trend that promises fast fat-reducing results is Iobella. A recent import from Argentina, the Iobella method incorporates heat (working out in a 98 degree thermal pod), simple Pilates-style moves, electrical muscle stimulation, and Oxygen 3 therapy forcing fast fat burn, muscle re-shaping and fluid draining, while minimizing cellulite and increasing circulation.

Lose 2 Pounds in 30 Minutes?
I am constantly testing out newfangled fitness trends and exercise classes and above all others that I have tried, this one works. And it works fast! I have been doing Iobella two or three times a week for the last couple of months and I have definitely noticed a difference in my body, particularly my butt! It’s more toned, lifted and firmer than it has ever been. Iobella is the ultimate pre-event workout as you instantly drop water weight (she drops around 2 pounds of puff per workout), the O3 improves your skin, and bio-electric toning forces focused muscle contractions in a particular area, making your muscles act like a girdle. It’s great for the arms if you’re wearing a strapless gown and for your abs.

Because You Deserve It!
The 30-minute workout, 20 minute bio-electric stimulation, and 20 minute O3 lounge is anything but your average personal training session, but what celebrities love most is that it’s fast! Forget the 1-hour workout that feels more like a chore. The quick high rep, low intensity, no breaks style encourages maximum fat burning and muscle toning- fast. After just one workout you’ll look and feel slimmer thanks to the massive water loss. After 6 sessions you see and feel lasting results. Because of the luxurious day spa environment and relaxing Oxygen Lounge you leave Iobella feeling calm, healthy, and like you really did something for yourself.



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