The Best Worst Thing That Could Happen To You

Contributed by Lifestyle Expert- Shereen Faltas

As much as I’m an eternal optimist, let’s just be honest. Sometimes the poop buckets hit the fan and things just go WRONG. So in my eternal optimist fashion I am here to tell you that even though these times in our lives look all wrong, they may just possibly be the worst best thing that ever happened to you.

Take my colleague Marni Battista, for example. She is a dating and relationship expert (who kicks ass), and just did her second round of guest hosting on Dr. Drew’s Loveline this week. She is the founder of a company called Dating with Dignity, and is living her dream. Pretty successful right?

From Hardship to Seriously Successful!

Well, there was a time when Marni went through a gnarly hard patch personally and professionally. I recently interviewed her on Shereen TV and she told us about how she had recently divorced and went into teaching to make an income. At work she always had all these ideas of how to improve things (because she’s a bad ass), but her job didn’t accept innovation and just wanted to stick to the rules. She was what I like to call a Boxed In Bad Ass.

Unluckily (or so it may have seemed), she was unethically laid off and received severance pay as hush money. She was devastated. Getting let go is always tough on one’s ego, and some people take it very personally. Luckily Marni hired a personal coach who helped her see the purpose in this experience and she began to live out her true purpose and started the career of a lifetime.

Turning Lessons into Lemonade

She lives with more Fulfillment and Freedom now than she ever did as a teacher. Turning lemons into lemonade (my apologies for the horrible cliche) is a choice. And you have that choice every day. She had to be the one to choose to see it as an opportunity and turn it around.

So this is a story for all you bad asses out there who may be struggling with a situation that may not seem favorable. It just might be a huge opportunity. Let’s get all froo froo life coach talk for a second.

Your soul will attract to you the circumstances and experiences that draw you more close to who you are meant to ultimately be. So when when “bad” things happen to you, it really just might be the best thing for you. Don’t be so short sighted. When you are looking at your life from a long term view it can really change things.

You are too bad ass for a mundane life anyway, so think big! And let your inner bad ass OUT. Make a plan and follow it. Hire a coach to help you create a vision for your life that you can be proud of. Make a plan and take ACTION. Don’t get distracted. If you want support on this visit me at www.fulfillmentandfreedom.com, and I will support you on your journey. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to see the bad ass opportunity in everything.


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