Your Life Called... It's Asking for its BALANCE Back!

Daylight Savings is giving you an extra hour or daylight. A gift to help make your life even more fulfilled, happy, and complete. Here’s what to do with it…

•    Fuel Up: You don’t want that extra hour to cause your entire day to be a daze, so make sure to eat energizing foods that will help keep your mind sharp and your mood lifted. A few to try include: rye bread, avocado, onions, apples with peanut butter, and of course, Balance Bars- why? Because they are the perfect 40-30-30 balance of carbs, protein and fat to keep you energized longer. Plus… because it’s AWESOME!

•    Be Selfish: Your life called, and asked for its balance back. Take advantage of the extra hour of daylight to decompress, shed the work stress, and enter into the second phase of your day. Finally take that yoga class that you’ve always wanted to try or stop on your way home at the flower garden that you always pass and smell the roses.

•    Be Selfless: After work, go to your local animal shelter and take a couple of dogs for a walk- it will give them a moment of reprieve, and brighten your evening too.

•    For Your Relationship: Cut off the work energy, drop the residual stress of the day, and reset the stage for romance. Take a walk together before dinner, make dinner together, or make time to do something thoughtful like hiding simple “I love you” notes in a closed laptop, a coat pocket, a travel bag- somewhere you know it will be spotted.

•    For Your Friendship: Institute a “Walk & Talk Happy Hour”! Stop debating between working out or having girl time. Do both! Take advantage of the extra daylight and make plans to meet up for a walk and talk. Make the hour even happier by bringing along a Dark Chocolate Crunch Balance Bar®. It will sustain you through your walk and feel like you’re eating dessert first (without the calorie-dense guilt).

Want to chat with me LIVE and get even more tips (oh… and be entered to be one of 5 to win a box of balance bars just be participating)? Then please please join my Twitter Party! It’s Friday, March 8th at 6pm PST/9pm EST. I will be chatting up a storm along with the so fab healthy living influencers from A Mom’s Take, Around the Plate and The Sweet Life with Erika. We will be answering YOUR questions and helping to inspire you to have an even more fabulously fulfilled life…My twitter handle is @QuickieChick and the hashtag for the party is #ExtraHour

See you soon!


Now… I am a paid Spokesperson for Balance Bar Company. BUT that doesn’t detract in the slightest from my obsession with their bars. In fact, I have been obsessed with them ever since I was a little girl and my dad would eat them after his long bike rides. I have been talking about Balance Bars and my love of them for years, it’s just that this month they are helping me out a bit so that I can continue to do what I’m doing and make a living as “The QuickieChick”. xx Laurel


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