How to Never have a Bad Online Date Again...

This is the first in a series “How to Never have a Bad Online Date Again…” and it starts with figuring out WHY you’re online dating in the first place…

Online dating can be one of the most efficient ways to find your Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right-Now). It can also be a total time, energy, and money-sapping experience that feels more like a full time job than a fun way to get out there and meet your match.

Everyone has their own reasons for going online, but here are a few reasons that many people try it:

-You work from home and don’t have the opportunity to meet many other people- either from those you naturally run into during the course of the day or referrals from people you work with.
-You are socially awkward and prefer to get to know someone on your own terms and within your realm of comfort before venturing out into the real world for actual facetime.
-You haven’t had any luck meeting people at bars or through set-ups so you figure… why not?
-You want to broaden your reach and widen your net beyond your neighborhood.
-Your friends are doing it and it seems fun.
-You’re recently out of a relationship and want to get your feet wet in the dating world again.
-You’re looking to hook up.
-You’re ready to finally focus and get serious about finding love.

-If you’re home alone and lonely on a Friday night, going online and browsing your options can make you feel less inclined to want to throw yourself a pity party.
-You can window shop for potential suitors wearing ratty sweats, no makeup, your hair totally spazzed, and STILL come across as a hot piece of ass.
-But more than anything, you can pre-qualify your dates before wasting an evening with them when you would rather be out with friends, sitting home alone with your dog, or even working! THIS is the next video in the series… It’s a good one!


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