My 1st 5k: The Color Run!

Honestly, I never felt inclined to run any -athon or K. But when I saw pics of last year’s Color Run, I knew I had to do it! So I got a group of girls together in a “QuickieChick” group and we joined the 20,000 other runners who jammed into Dodger Stadium for the most fun (and colorful) 5k in the world: The Color Run Los Angeles!

But I didn’t JUST decide to run it. I am writing a feature on the experience for New You Magazine, so two photographers (umm… hot photographers) joined us to document the race- which sometimes included the photogs running backwards! Aside from it being all around awesome (we even got to stand in the FRONT on the starting line), it was a fantastic girl’s day and a great way to motivate to move my body in a different way. I’m already researching my next run- the Mud Run!

I powered up with Ritual Wellness SHRED then was off to the races…

(note: The Color Run is still making the rounds across the country and may be coming to your home city soon so be sure to check the site to find out how you too can have an awesome afternoon like I did! xx)



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