Dating? Be a Standout Without Being Obnoxious or Needy (even if "your"Guy is THE BACHELOR)

The DO’s and DON’Ts to stay in his mind (even if he’s “The Bachelor” and dating 25 other girls):

DON’T: Complain About the “Other Girls“- Kiss Of Death.

DON’T: Complain about being exclusive.

DON’T: Complain About The Date Choice. Be Open to adventure and trying something different.DON’T: Be Passive-Aggressive.

DO: If You Have an Issue, Have a Conversation.
(But I still warm you, even “having conversations” at the beginning  can make you seem dramatic. Guys don’t like or want to deal with drama.)

DO: Remember the Purpose and Intention:
-getting to know him and letting him get to know the real and amazing you
-making him smile and feel good

-BUT This isn’t just about “will he like me,” it’s about “will I like HIM!
Remember: This is not a job interview “does he like me, does he want me, does he want more.” So many women get caught up in that and then just take whatever guy does like her, wants her, wants more. It’s time to stop thinking that way and remember that dating is a two way street- you are also deciding if you like him and if he’s worthy of a 2nd date. It’s so much about confidence. If you go into it exuding confidence, that guy will find you super sexy, alluring, and yes- he will want more! And then, guess what- it’s in your hands to decide if you feel the same way. Confidence, even if you have to fake it, is what gives you the power, and that power is what allows you to make the decision, and that is the key here chickadees.

DO: FLIRT and Let Him Know You’re Interested

-Stare for One Second too Long
-Bat your eyes
-Coy and Confident
-Make him Feel Good

-Stand out by being real
-Have conversations of depth
-Be a little vulnerable

DO: Have Deep Conversations that make him think, things that linger

DO: Be Fun and Laugh (but don’t become just one of the guys. Don’t get in the friend zone)


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