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Sexy Abs Daily100: Standing Bicycle Crunches


Want sexy abs without doing sit-ups? As a slight germaphobe myself, getting on the ground (especially at a hotel or a public place) and crunching is just not even worth it… regardless of how fab my abs will be after! Instead, get up and get those stomach muscles moving. By going across your body- bicycle [...]



This Video Could SAVE Your MARRIAGE. Seriously.


It’s surprisingly very easy and common to stop putting effort into a marriage. First you stop holding hands, then you stop complementing each other, then you start pointing out annoying flaws, and it snowballs out of control… “16 Ways I Blew my Marriage“ is a post written by Single Dad Laughing. I read it, teared [...]



You Don’t Always Have to “Give Something Up” to Better Yourself

contributed by Alison Thalhammer Easter is just around the corner and that means… Lent! Well, I’m sure it means a lot of different things for each of us. Springtime, baskets of candy, egg hunts, and Marshmallow bunnies! For me, growing up Catholic, before you got to all those goodies, you first had to sacrifice: Lent. [...]