8 Ways to Avoid Sick Season (or get over it faster)

There’s so much talk about how to avoid getting sick. But what do you do when you feel that telltale tickle in the back of your throat- and you’re in the fast lane to Cold City, population: Check out some of the weirder ways to keep your cold symptoms under wraps:

1. Toss your Toothbrush!
The American Dental Association suggests you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. If you have a cold, you should really switch it as soon as you’re better. The bristles harbor bacteria, and by sticking them in your mouth when getting over an illness, you are exposing yourself to your own germs… again.

2. Kiss (but not someone whose already sick)!
By exchanging healthy bacteria back and forth, you are actually enhancing your body’s natural defenses and boosting your immune system.

3. Walk Really Fast, But Don’t Run!
A 45 minute walk four or more days a week can improve your immune system and minimize sick days. But don’t run! Overexerting yourself (particularly if you’re already feeling slightly under the weather) can do you in.

4. Don’t Blow Your Nose
Instead of fulfilling your urge to do a big hearty blow, take a decongestant or gently blow each nostril individually. Blowing hard can actually push the mucus up into your sinuses, risking getting even more sick!

5. Get Hot- Sauna
A hot sauna can detox a cold right out of your system.

6. Hit the Snooze Button
Studies show that people who get less than seven hours of sleep a night are more 3x more prone to coming down with a cold than those who clock in at eight hours.

7. Follow The Rule of Neck

If your sickness is above your neck- only in your head: runny nose, headache… it’s ok to exercise. If it’s in your lungs or you have chills, exercising can spread the sick. That’s the Rule of Neck.

8. Hydrate!

You want to keep everything moving out of you. Load up on LOTS of water, green tea and green drinks. No sweeteners. No sugar. Aloe is another great water additive, helping detox the system and kill germs on contact in the mouth and lungs.

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