New Year, New You CHALLENGE!... and a Daily100

This year, if you FINALLY want to drop those last 5 (or 50) pounds, you have to do things a little differently. I don’t mean making any drastic (ie: unsustainable) changes, but slight, daily, doable changes that, in time, translate to healthy fat-dropping, health-boosting habits. One of the ways I change up my day-daily, is with a Daily100. Several actually. One of the keys to losing weight is by keeping your body guessing. This is true when it comes to food (calorie-cycling) and exercise (new moves, new muscles). You might love your regular workout. You depend on it. It gets you up in the morning or ends your day in the most perfect way- and that’s fantastic. But you need to add just one more thing to really make the difference. Slip in a Daily100 when you wake up, before you eat or even wash your face, then another mid-day when you have that expected energy slump, then again at night while watching after dinner TV. Those extra 5 minutes can change your body dramatically, and quickly!

One of my absolute favorite sites- FabFitFun has an entire calendar of New Year, New You teeny tiny daily fitness, food, lifestyle, even beauty changes that they are delivering to their readers so that they can become their most fabulous selves this year! Think everything from new workout routines to new haircuts to tips on finally getting that dream job! The month-long challenge is actually an interactive competition with prizes given throughout the month. Readers are posting pics of themselves on Twitter to compete for an ultra-luxe seven-day cruise. You seriously want to be part of it. So please please click HERE to learn more and get in on the action!

AND THEN… get up and do this Daily100. It’s a fave and one of my regular go-tos and I call it “Circle with the Arms, Circle with the Hips.”

I love this Daily100 because it’s just so fun! It’s a double circle, simultaneously circling your hips and arms in the same direction. It helps to whittle your waist, trim your thighs, tone your arms and shoulders, and get your heart rate up so you’re burning calories and revving your metabolism. If you’re not the most coordinated, this one might be a challenge, but you’ll get the hang of it. And even if you can’t find the rhythm, the point is that you moved your body and that’s what matters.


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