New Year, New Man

“There are no good guys in my city.” “All of the guys I meet are idiots.” “Every decent marriage-material man is already married!” “Why is every single guy such a player?”… Sound familiar? It’s so easy to blame your location, men in general, or other factors for your inability to get and keep a good guy. I’m not saying that you are at fault either… though you may be. Most likely the issue isn’t you or him. It’s your strategy. It’s those rules, that list, your set prerequisites that have been leading you astray. Well screw them! There are a lot of great, single, dedicated, faithful, totally your type, good guys in your town who are looking for a so fab chick exactly like you. It’s time to find, attract, grab and keep him, instead of letting some other chick nab him up while you’re looking the other way.

…But first you’ve got to figure out who you are and what you want; only then can you find the guy who is right for you, and get him to ask you out (or be in the position to ask him out… whatever makes you happy)!


It’s time to stop questioning, “What’s wrong with me?” wondering, “Where have all the good guys gone?” thinking, “What am I doing wrong?” I’ll answer those questions:
Nothing is wrong with you, but there are areas that you might be able to improve- be it your attitude, your magnetism, your confidence, or the way you represent yourself.
The good guys are still there; you’re just overlooking, discounting, or putting them in the friend zone.
What you’re doing wrong is that you are following rules that are forcing blinders on your eyes, creating unrealistic expectations of perfection.
You also may have created a surface persona, restraining yourself and your words, and acting in ways that you normally wouldn’t, based on “The Rules” of dating engagement, while ignoring or simply lacking awareness of what could truly, deeply, fully, long-term make you happy.

This year is your year to finally meet “the”one in a sea of “some”ones. But you can only do that if you change your ways. Why? Because your ways aren’t working, or else you would have found that “one” by now. What should you do differently?
- Stop Playing the Games
- Forget Acting Hard to Get. In fact, Stop ACTING
- Be Authentic
- Be Spontaneous!
- Know that you deserve a great catch. Act confidently (even if you are a bit insecure).
- Treat him as you would like to be treated.
- Show Enthusiasm (if that’s how you feel)!
- Be the First to Call or Text
- Screw typical looks-based “typing.”
- Think about what REALLY is going to make you happy… Long term.
- Think about couples that you admire, and what it is that you want to emulate in your own relationship.
- Know that you deserve to be happy and loved.


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