Fun & Fab Bachelorette Party Alternatives

When we hear the term “bachelorette party,” what often comes to mind?
-Loud club music
-Penis-shaped shot glasses
-High-pitched screams of excitement
-Uncomfortable heels…?
Plus, let’s not forget about the hundreds of dollars that pour into renting the VIP section, bottle service, a limo, fancy dinner and that mounting bar tab. For some, the thought of this makes their headache and they’re not even inflicted yet by the next day’s pounding hang over! If this sounds more like a punishment than merriment, then below are some alternatives options that could be perfectly suited for the bride.

The Daredevil Bachelorette Party:

Nothing can create or boost a bond between a group of friends like joining together to face fears and venture into the unknown. There are all sorts of unique activities available that range from the exciting (white water rafting and zip lining), to the exhilarating (obstacle courses, off-road driving, trapeze lessons) and to the extreme (sky diving anyone?). As you and the ladies ski over bucking waters or positively encourage one another to reach the top of the climbing wall, it is a celebration of your unity as well as your individual strength and spirit. If some of your close friends are not quite as adventurous as others, consider starting off the day with a brunch before carpooling to the locale; this will not only guarantee that everyone starts off with a healthy, hearty breakfast, but those friends who are faint of heart will have the opportunity to participate before sending you off with a hug. Additionally, as the organizer, it is wise to bring extra snacks and to provide everyone with a water bottle so a participant’s low blood-sugar doesn’t alter the itinerary.

The Nature Bachelorette Party:

Perhaps the idea of dangling stories above the earth makes you queasy, but there are still plenty of special, rustic activities you and your ladies can indulge in. Hiking is always an option, but also consider doing other activities that are less common to make the day truly special, like horseback riding, kayaking, sailing or spelunking. Whether you select the location through a little research or a friend’s recommendation, go to a setting you are completely unfamiliar with so you can fully soak in the awe and wonder of the beautiful scenery. Instead of having an ordinary sandwich for a picnic lunch, why not pack divine goodies like fine cheeses, soft breads, fresh fruit and gourmet chocolates. As a courtesy and to prevent potential resentments, provide fair warning the invitees about what kind of physical exertion they should anticipate so those who feel that they might not be quite up to the tasks can gracefully bow out.

The Innocently Playful Bachelorette Party:

As a child, you loved the amusement parks with the bouncy rides, water slides, bright lights and amusing games . . . so why not take a trip down memory lane with your best pals for your bachelorette party? Those that are young at heart will get a laugh and a thrill splashing through water rides and holding hands as they make their way through spooky haunted houses. Plus, your circle can cheer on one another as you giddily wait in line for the steel coaster that rockets rides upside down. In a setting full of stimulus, sugary foods and sweeping movement, the party is sure to be anything but boring.

The Volunteering Bachelorette Party:

A fantastic way to honor the bride’s good spirit and to share a truly meaningful experience is by volunteering together. There are plenty of nonprofits that offer opportunities for both fun and goodwill that are perfect for groups; why not give the dogs at your local shelter some love and chance to stretch their legs, help to clean up a local park or volunteer on a nearby, organic farm? Call ahead to determine whether or not they can accommodate a large group, as well as what kind of supplies and clothes guests should be equipped with. The feeling of contributing to the greater good will undoubtedly make the day both enjoyable and memorable.

The Foodie Bachelorette Party:

An increasing trend in metropolitan areas is food tours, an entertaining and scrumptious activity that is sure to delight the foodie bride and her friends. With an engaging guide that knows the best regional treasures, your group can eat and drink your way across the best eateries while absorbing the local flair. Many companies offer the option of private excursions and will be happy to accommodate your preferences, whether they range from the gourmet to the rowdy. Though the pace of most tours is laid-back, remind those in attendance to wear comfortable shoes rather than stilettos.

The Spa Bachelorette Party:

The bride is undoubtedly swept up in a whirlwind of wedding planning drama, so a relaxing massage and facial might be exactly what she craves. While a day-trip or weekend getaway to a deluxe spa is not as affordable as volunteering at animal shelter, there are multiple opportunities to save. Call in advance and letting the facility know that it is a bachelorette party, as you might be treated to a group-rate or special package. Furthermore, keep an eye on websites like livingsocial.com that frequently provide discounts. Be wary of the temptation to schedule the event right before the big day so she can maintain that healthy glow, as some spa procedures can cause the skin to be red and irritated for a few days before calming down – the bride and bridesmaids should undoubtedly consult with the ground’s aesthetician before selecting any cleansing process for their skin.
If your activity is to be held outdoors, be prepared to accommodate stormy weather; supposing that the guest list is smaller, it is not unreasonable to ask the ladies to keep a backup date open (though routinely check the weather report as the day approaches so the attendees aren’t left hanging), or to have an indoor option in mind. To help foster memories that will last years to come, provide themed favors and take plenty of photographs, both posed and action shots.


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