Healthy In-Flight Snacks and Mile-High & In-Bed Quickies: Healthy Holiday Travel

You are eating too much at holiday parties, stressing about family, getting on airplanes, traveling to other cities, staying at hotels or in guest rooms, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, and not finding time to work out… The holidays can wreak havoc on your body and health! Here’s how to make sure you stay fit and healthy during holiday travel so you can ring in the new year on the right track!

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Mile High Quickie Workout on a Plane!
Even on the plane you can still burn calories and tone your muscles with these seated exercises ranging from discreet to overtly obnoxious:
-Floor presses
-Butt squeezes
-Stomach crunches
-Knee up hold and lift- both legs
-Seated crunches
-Speed bag boxing

-Healthy snacks that are bursting with flavor but super low in fat like chili limon popchips(which actually help burn more fat thanks to the chili)
-Green Tea bags (for hydration, fat-burning, and antioxidants)
-Lavender hand wipes to disinfect your tray table, hands, and seatbelt (covered in germs)
-Powbab Superfruit Chews®- the most delicious everyday health booster with 100% of your daily antioxidant needs in just 1 chew (equivalent antioxidants in 2 ¼ tomatoes + 2 ½ cups of spinach + ½ an orange).


Quickie Workout in Bed
These are real and very effective workouts, using your mattress like a less stable yoga mat. You can get a full cardio, toning workout without ever getting out of bed. Perfect to motivate you up in the morning or when you get in bed at the end of the night and realize that you “forgot” to workout. They are also your alternative to working out on dirty hotel room floors, finding a gym in an unfamiliar city, or even just as a lazy (but super effective) workout to do every day at home for weight loss and muscle tone.
-Snow Angel (Warm up, Cardio)
-Side Hip Lifts (Hips and Abs)
-Lifting Bridge (Quads, Butt, Arms, Back)
-Saddlebag Burner (using the Empower Ankle Cuffs- see below)
-Knee to Elbow (Total Body Burn)

The Best Bed
If you’re doing these workouts at home (which I do), the best mattress to do them, and really the best mattress to promote better, deeper, sleep is a Technogel Mattress. They aren’t sold at your average mattress store because they are special and need to be “experienced”… which I did at the Technogel Experience Center in West Hollywood. What I’m obsessed with about these mattresses is that they are topped with a scientifically developed gel that is cooling (and I’m a furnace at night which constantly wakes me up), it’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic, plus it doesn’t carry the bounce across the bed- in other words, if I am doing my workout on my side of the bed, you can sleep on your side of the bed and I won’t disturb you! Oh and, unlike competitor beds that shape to your body and help you sleep at night, these are also conducive to sex… always a plus.

On-The-Go Fit Accessory MUST
To boost your on-bed moves, I use Empower Fitness Total Body Toning Bands (which I also ALWAYS travel with since they are pretty much your gym to go). They are made by women for women so they come in great colors and fit our bodies proportions and strength better than the “unisex” equipment.

You never have the excuse to leave your workout at home when you go on vacation.


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